Fairy tales for everyone. Alexander Kalinkin. Flash fiction.

Fairy tales for everyone
by Alexander N. Kalinkin
A musician
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Flash fiction


A river of people moved slowly past him. They seemed half asleep, but as soon as some space appeared in the crowd somebody awoke and occupied the free place. There was something mechanical in their motion. They moved with eyes down and lifeless faces. He laughed and shouted loudly:
- Hey, people, where are you?! Some turned their heads to a strange fellow with a gold reed-pipe in his hand. He was standing by the wall and smiling.
- Let's come back! It's not so terrible here, believe me!
He laughed. Some people grinned.

The fellow raised his pipe and his fingers ran deftly along the holes. The air started vibrating with the first high sounds and the crowd began to change... like flowers in the morning sun...

Smiles and warm looks flowed past him, but he was not there anymore. Now he was far far away, lost somewhere in his wonderful music.

- Let it be... It looks better... - somebody unseen whispered and smiled staring at the earthy bustle.