Fairy tales for everyone. Alexander Kalinkin. A sample of game scenarios.

Fairy tales for everyone
by Alexander N. Kalinkin
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A sample of game scenarios

This game has never been published. I am able to sell this (of course, it's a scetch only) for a chance of work as a game scenario writer, for opportunity of devote myself to my favorite affair.


Our hero (or heroine) is resting at a small resort located on the coast. Near to the resort there is an agreeable town. Often people from the resort, including our hero, walk along the town's streets. He soon notices that the town's population neither sows wheat, nor cultivates orchards, nor fishes. They do nothing… and lead an idle life. It seems very strange to our hero.

One time when he is relaxing in a cafe, he overhears a curious conversation between two inhabitants. They are talking about some cave, where one of them has found a lovely silver hat… and then sold it for good money… But there are so many caves around the town and the resort!

He goes out from cafe and sees a dirty, badly-dressed man. The man approaches our hero and begs some money for a meal. Our gallant hero gives him some and the man tells him an ancient legend.

Many years ago there was a big city here, which was populated by beautiful fairy people. They could fly like angels over the ocean and their own land. But… there was a war and the fairy people went away into the heart of the caves. From that time on, people keep coming across wonderful things in the caves. And some say that these caves have a way out, but only a great man is able to find it…

The game begins.
The hero takes food, clothes and maybe something else and goes to a cave. All the caves have a very intricated system of labyrinths. Some of them are united, some aren't. The hero is able to find something and sell it in the town (and of course buy something).

In these caves the hero can find:
  • gold,
  • treasure,
  • magic elements,
  • quest elements.
Balances, which have an important role:
  • meal (meal is spent during the way),
  • weight of burden (the more the lower hero's rate),
  • duration of the way (the hero may get tired),
  • magic power (this parameter have an influence on other).
The hero can happen to meet:
  • a merchant,
  • a thief,
  • a sorcerer,
  • a faker.
No fighting, no wars. The mankind have enough natural barriers.

The hero can happen to meet obstacles:
  • an obstruction,
  • an underground river or a lake,
  • a magic place.
He can starve to death. He can get lost.

From here the hero has two options.
  1. He can become a wealthy town-dweller. He will have a rich villa, a smart car or a yacht. But time will pass and the hero will grow old.
  2. And he can become a great wizard and find the way out. The way out is a magic place on the top of the cliff - with only ocean around. If the hero is great wizard, he can fly up… In this case fine music will sound and he will fly over the ocean, over the lands and beautiful fairy people join to his flying. This will be a happy end to the game.