Fairy tales for everyone. Alexander Kalinkin. Fairy poetry.

Fairy tales for everyone
by Alexander N. Kalinkin
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Fairy poetry


All the sky was flooded with dancing stars
When she opened her big emerald eyes...
Some light had lost its way here,
Among the shadows of her room...

Some light lived among the shadows...
She couldn't sleep...
She was a little princess of the big world...
Where the star had lost its way...

Where is this star?
The night shadows parted by their hands
And only the stars were dancing,
Forgetting about their loss...

She came to the window cautiously,
The white roses greeted her by nods...
What are you looking for,
Little princess?

Somewhere here is the missing star,
She answered smiling,
I felt its light somewhere here
Did you see it?

Yes, you'll find it tomorrow morning,
Be sure, you'll find it,
When the night shadows melt,
The star will blossom,
You will see...

Early morning,
When the first sun-beams start their play
The little princess woke up...
And felt something light in the air,
Something festive...

She laughed, she remembered
Today is Christmas day!
The star was here, in her heart!



1. Sunny Squirrel

A squirrel was jumping
From branch to branch.
So easily! So lightly!
Not one snowflake fell...

Its gray winter fur
Was a thoughtful letter
From the forest to us...
Its downy tail flitted
Among snowy branches.

But here it stopped
And looked around.
A little nut appeared
In the squirrel's small paws.
A short crackle.
Something sparkled like a far star.
The squirrel looked around again.

All its fur became bright silver.
The squirrel sparkled,
Turned into a silver beam
And rushed away
Towards the winter sun...

A minute passed.
And you could see a jolly sun-beam
Playing on a snowy branch.
It ran down and turned
Into the squirrel again...

People called it a sunny squirrel.
There are a lot of them
in our forest.

2. Snow bird

The snow-clad forest is calm
Like a spellbound palace...
You go through it
Like through empty halls...
You go and feel...
Somebody's eyes spy on you

You turn right and notice
Two little intent bead-eyes
Stare at you.
They are so funny!

But suddenly you see
It's a huge white bird!
It spreads its big snow wings
And all around fills
With snowflakes.
The real blizzard starts!
You can't see anything
Except this snow before you...

When the blizzard becomes quiet
You find yourself
On the edge of the forest.
A neat path winds
On the snow-covered field
Towards your home.

The snow bird dislikes it
When somebody guesses its riddle...

3. Wonderful tree

There is a small glade
In the depths of the forest
An unusual big pine-tree grows there.

The majestic tree stretches out
Its mighty branches.
Every green fir-needle shines
With warmth and light.
It seems like the sun of the forest.
It gives everybody its power.

Your wounds heal up,
Your head becomes light,
Your mind clears up
And you feel full of power.

But if you have dark thoughts,
You don't find that glade and that tree...
Dark thoughts will prevent you from travelling
Good thoughts will show the way.