Fairy tales for everyone. Alexander Kalinkin. My friends on the Net.

Fairy tales for everyone
by Alexander N. Kalinkin
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My friends on the Net

  • Poetry club / Literary Angels
    This is my favorite poetry club. Here I was born again as a writer, I was given support and found encouragement in my writing. A lot of my friends are here. I especially appreciate the owner and founder of the club - Shannon C. Wendler.

  • Philip G. Bell (Mindings)
    He is a talented English writer and a poet. I enjoy his poems and stories immensely. They always give your mind a real adventure. Philip also has the wonderful gift of encouragement.

  • Children and Literature
    It is an interesting e-zine. You can find here a lot of poems, stories and books that give joy for the children.

  • Peter (YukonMan)
    My friend is an excellent web-designer, a traveller and simply good friend. I am glad that I met him on the Net.

  • Pantarbe club
    Here you find interesting creative people also. The owner and founder of this club, Ben Miller, is a remarkable writer.